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Yoga That Transforms

Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga has its roots in Hatha yoga, and its practice includes postures, sequences, breath work, meditation and mudras. Dru comes from the Sanskrit dhruva, which refers to the stillness that can be experienced in yoga and meditation. Unique for its practice of keeping joints relaxed and soft during movements (a bit like Tai Chi), its sequences and postures always start with, and focus on, the spine.

This yoga practice offers an opportunity to experience asanas (postures) on all levels – physically, emotionally and mentally. It can be a powerful tool of transformation to bring about better health, vitality and emotional balance. It reminds us that, just like the Yew tree, we too have the power to renew ourselves and our lives from the inside out.

Yoga Pose


Dru Yoga is an evidence-supported therapeutic style of yoga and is designed for all abilities, fitness levels, body shapes and age groups.


Dru Yoga is unique for being completely adaptable, this style of yoga is suitable for beginners and experts and everyone in between

Yoga Instructor


Dru Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach

Hi, my name is Kayla! After many years of drifting between different styles of yoga, I was instantly hooked after attending my first Dru Yoga class. I fell in love with the accessible and nurturing practice which eventually inspired me to take my journey further by qualifying as a yoga teacher.  


As well as a qualified Dru Yoga teacher and Breath Coach, I’m also writer. It’s one of my joys to bring these two passions together and make space for creative practitioners and authors to be their best creative selves in my workshops and retreats.


Qualifications: Dru Yoga Teacher Training (200-hours), Dru Breath Coach (2023), Emergency First Aid (2022)


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