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Yoga Child's Pose


Dru Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach

Hi, my name is Kayla! After many years of drifting between different styles of yoga, I was instantly hooked after attending my first Dru Yoga class. I fell in love with the accessible and nurturing practice which eventually inspired me to take my journey further by qualifying as a yoga teacher.  


As well as a qualified Dru Yoga teacher and Breath Coach, I’m also writer. It’s one of my joys to bring these two passions together and make space for creative practitioners and authors to be their best creative selves in my workshops and retreats.

Yoga Child's Pose

Benefits of Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is unique for its practice of keeping joints relaxed and soft during movements. Its sequences and postures always start with, and focus on, the spine. This yoga practice offers an opportunity to experience asanas and relaxation on all levels – physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Improve Joint health

Dru Yoga is scientifically proven to help keep your joints and muscles healthy.

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Ease back pain

If you suffer from back pain, Dru Yoga can be a great source of relief. It’s safe and balances your back muscles for relief and to avoid injury.

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Boost your energy

Dru Yoga reduces stress in your body and gives you more vitality and energy.

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Elle, Ilkley

"Kayla is a very kind and patient teacher. Her passion for the benefits of yoga really come through in the lesson and it is an all round excellent for deep relaxation, body and mind realignment and stretching - highly recommendable to those who are new or well versed in yoga."

Cathy, Otley

"I had a relaxing a most enjoyable yoga class with Kayla. Her soothing, calming voice immediately made me relax and helped me to clear my mind and enjoy the yoga experience. The stretching exercises were easy to follow and improved my posture and general wellbeing. I can highly recommend a class with her."

Jen, Leeds

"Kayla offered a lovely welcoming and calming space. Her sessions were a good pace, a balance of challenging my body a bit but gently. She suggested adaptations without prompt, recognising different body shapes and abilities. Her soft, clear voice made the sessions grounded and soothing."

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